Monday, June 22, 2009

Gastric upset

Our friend John has once again flown the coup from his nursing home. He was found walking down the middle of a busy road and some one called an ambulance and he was taken to Fremantle Hospital where a comedy of errors took place and he was, after some four hours, released into family care and returned to the nursing home.

His nursing home is in a lock-down situation due to an outbreak of a gastric bug. I was on my way to visit him and cut his hair when Joy, his wife, told me about it and I am thankful that I am not about to land in Bali tomorrow with a dose of the poos!

Brother Graham is collecting us tomorrow morning early and driving us to the airport at 4.30am. I apologised for the early call out and he replied that it is no different than coming home from a night club at that time....but sober.

Graham's 60th birthday bash went off well with about 60 guests at his house. I was just a little concerned that we might have some party gate-crashers, but looking around at at some of the older guests I figured that any crashers would have a rough time dealing with his guests. The party did finish up at 4am with two hangers-on. I went to his place to assist with the clean up. The usual half empty bottles of beer were found in various strange places around the house. His rubbish bin was collected today and it would have made a noise like a multiple car crash when dumped into the truck.

Next posting will be from Bali where the temperatures range from a low 24c to 30+c. We are going to hate leaving cold Perth for 8 days.

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