Sunday, June 28, 2009

Of coconuts and Haus Winds

Our hotel room

Today we have been relaxing, reading and having a couple of drinks. Joan did venture down to the beach markets and bought two sarongs; one silk and one cotton, both Batik printed.

I took the laptop over to the ‘meeting place’ which is a beautiful Balinese ‘house wind’. I used the free WiFi to download Skype and we will call Helen using Skype on the computer this evening.

Later I took a few photos of the structure, but felt intimidated by some unfriendly Europeans there.

Wish we could get something as beautiful back home.

Sitting out on our balcony we saw a sudden gathering of grounds-people near a coconut palm. A young fellow quickly climbed the palm and sent down a dozen or so small coconuts for the assembled mob. Whilst he was up the palm, eyes were ever watchful for the administration. In no time at all there was no evidence of what had taken place and the remaining nuts were skilfully arranged to look like nothing had been taken. I was tempted to yell out ‘Security is coming’ to see how they would react.

Our neighbours left to return to Sydney town this morning. They offered us a half bottle of Scotch and I am loathe to admit that we didn’t take them up on their offer as we already have two half bottles of spirits to get rid of before Tuesday when we also leave. The last time we were here we tried to leave with a half bottle of vodka and customs confiscated it on the grounds that “Must be full bottle; cannot be half bottle’. Thieves!

The neighbours were a little concerned at possible delays checking in at Denpasar Airport as there is a very large contingent of Christians and their families leaving today after their annual jamboree or whatever a gathering of happy Christians is called – perhaps a crusade? It is rumoured that they number around 600 and that they return to the Bali Beach Hotel annually because they some years ago discovered the Bali Beach’s cheesecake.

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You could always use the excess whisky as aftershave.