Monday, June 8, 2009


The main weekend sporting did not favor us in the West. Both footy teams lost to the Eastern States bullies. Each team in the AFL has coaches, assistant coaches and coach-coaches, medicos, a psychologist and of course the management team. The main thing they are missing is a choir master to tune them up before they belt out the club anthem in the change rooms. A National Disgrace!

Also on sport one of Australia's star cricketers has been dumped and sent straight home because he is a pisspot and gets stuck into the booze. His story is in all the newspapers of the nation and some people are arguing we should let him stay with the at any cost!

Meantime whilst Australia reels in the wake of this sacking, thousands of people throughout our world have been starved to death, murdered and indiscriminately slaughtered. If I were a conspiracy theorist (and I'm not) I could put forward the theory the governments all around the world spend vast sums of money to support sports and sporting facilities just to placate the masses and keep them happy. A happy mob doesn't bitch too much about the economy!

Another little bitch about sport is the stupid waste of perfectly good champagne which seems to be showered over the winners at motoring events. Let them use soda water!

Advice for the elderly: Don't wear black when you have dandruff.

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