Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd round Chemo

Today Joan starts the second round of Chemotherapy. We have to be at the oncologist's rooms at 1pm and after an assessment of the blood test done yesterday, she will start the four hours infusion of what Joan calls the weed killer. The pump will be attached and deliver the remaining 100ml of the chemo slowly over 46 hours.

I will collect her around 6pm.

I wrote to the organisers of a 50 year reunion of PNG teachers to be held in May saying that it is unlikely we could attend, but Joan has since done all the calculations and if she can control the nausea, there is a window of 4-5 days at the time of the reunion and we will go. It is in Brisbane and we have enough Qantas frequent flier points to get return cattle-class fares. We'll see how successive rounds go.

Whilst I am killing time until 6pm I am going to a viewing of a large auction starting tomorrow. There are few Mac items up for bids and I may try and get a MacBook for our daughter.

Earlier this morning I visited John at the nursing home. He was up and about and I had to do a tour of the home to find him. Let me tell you; to visit or work in a nursing home as residents start to greet the new day would be extremely difficult if one had a weak stomach. He didn't know who I was and took some coercing to get him to sit for a haircut. Usually he is more responsive to suggestions and attempts to converse. Today nothing! Most probably his early morning medications have an initial numbing effect. There was no point in just sitting with him and he was unaware that I left.

Head, ears and eyebrows and he looked much better. I'm not yet able to tackle the nostrils.

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