Friday, January 22, 2010


Today has been quite busy with friends visiting and 4 computers collected by an Aboriginal gal who redistributes them mainly to family. I don't mind that as they are getting out there and she is Mac savvy, so that means any problems are fielded by her. I remind myself to Give Without Expectations.

Our friends, Brian and Marg, dropped in and stayed for lunch. Very pleasant visit!

I returned to the Optus shop to purchase a wireless modem for Vera, the Aboriginal lady I am helping get back online. She has no real experience on the computer and so rather than try an resurrect her ancient (10 YO PC), I am setting up a Mac with a cheapo wireless deal. Her machine sat idle for three years after her husband died and we don't know his password etc, so I thought it better that I give her a much faster Mac and I can get her up to speed on its use.

I told her that I would pay for it and she could reimburse me the $199. Not so easy! I had to have my credit rating checked, sign up as the contract holder and I guess, be the bunny if she eventually defaults after the one year contract is up. I am sure there is a way to transfer the billing to her letting me off the hook.

Th $199 deal includes the modem and 12 months of 1Gb of downloads per month. Any excess on the 1Gb is charged @ $o.06 per Mb. She is only going to use it to keep in contact with friends throughout Australia and maybe the occasional search with Google, so 1Gb should be plenty.

I will attempt to collect all the personal data from the PC and burn it to disk.

Whilst at Garden City Shopping Centre I noticed that the music store was closed and a note on the door read BACH IN 5 MINUTES. I was going to wait to see him, but I am sure he died long ago.

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