Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aliens take over the world

Yesterday Joan went to the cancer clinic to get the pump removed and the PICC line flushed. She dropped me off in the city where I met up with a friend for a counter lunch and a few beers. Pete was on the same teacher training course as me in Papua New Guinea in 1961 and we have kept in contact over the years. He is back in Perth from his teaching job in Vietnam.

Nice crisp beers and a pleasant seafood lunch .

It was a pleasant get-together until he moved on to the 'Aliens' in the last half hour at the pub. He told me how all the technological advances of the last 20 years were done by the aliens and the next two years would be unbelievable. I asked why 2012? He explained that all the calendars of the world will finish in 2012. There is a theory that the Mayan calendar finishes in 2012 and the world will end. Can't find any other calendars finishing in 2012 and Mayans sort of caved in to the Spaniards.

He also mentioned that the TV series Stargate where people lept through a ring and time travelled was used by the Germans in WW2. Hmm!

He told me that the aliens have space ships 15 miles long and two miles wide . I reminded him that he had told me of his astral travels on such a space ship when he visited us during the 1990s. He refuted that saying that it was someone else, not him???

When I came back from the toilet he said that he remembers talking about another friend who had astral travelled on such a space ship and maybe I had thought that he was referring to himself. At the time when he told me about his travels, he rushed out to the kitchen to tell Joan about it as well.

In Papua New Guinea in 1961 news was spread far and wide about an imminent total eclipse. The Australian administration tried to explain what was to happen, but confusion reigned and most villagers go the message from fundamentalist preachers that the world would end when the darkness came. Throughout the country, villagers killled and ate their pigs etc, stopped gardening and generally waited for the end. And to back up the theory, it actually least the darkness part.

It is easier to see how a primitive people could believe such a prophesy which actually happened on the predicted day. There was a period of hardship after the event when villagers realised they had no food to carry on with.

I can understand that, but aliens and spaceships.....nah!

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