Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Six degrees of separation

Early today I went to the local shopping centre and the optical dispenser where I get my glasses. I had broken one of the wings off my unscratched pair of glasses and the lady there offered to replace it with another wing even though it was not exactly the same as the original. I went for it as I figure that you can have different wheel trims on each side of a car without people being able to see both sides at one time and glasses can be the same. Works for me!

Whilst in the shopping centre I scooted into BigW and bought two Tshirts for $8 each. Joan was unkind when she pointed out the fact that the pockets on the shirts don't line up with the print pattern. I reckon I couldn't find the pocket if it blended into the pattern.

In the afternoon, I had a welfare woman take me to the home of an Aboriginal elder who wanted to restart using her husband's computer not used since his death three years ago. She has been paying a monthly ISP fee to Telstra Bigpond for all that time without any use whatsoever. Aussies hear this...Bigpond is bad! I was asked to check out the computer and try and find why she cannot connect. I sat down, cranked up the machine and the User Name popped up as John Budby. I was amazed as I knew John when we both taught at Maprik, Papua New Guinea in the early 70s. Joan taught with John at Maprik High School. John's wife Vera was delighted that I knew her late husband and it brought on a few tears.

The computer will need another session before it is up and running and there might be a few telephone lessons on its operation.

Old Yiddish New York saying 'A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat'.

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