Sunday, January 17, 2010


Joan's oncologist adjusted the anti-nausea medication and this round of chemotherapy has had no bad effects. Good stuff!

We have lots of small spiders outside and inside the house. I can handle the outside dwellers, but the inside ones seem hell-bent on giving me the poos. I can't see how they can possibly think..(do they think?)...that a single silk thread across a doorway could catch any insects. It certainly catches me and I find it very annoying. In the ten years living in Papua New Guinea we saw many wonderful spiders and I didn't spray a single one, but these little Kev annoyers get the Mortein treatment.

Here is a picture of a pretty spider from Madang New Guinea from a blog named Madang-ples bilong mi which translates as Madang my place. You will need very good screen resolution to see this pic in detail.

Australia Day is coming up and already the tradies and patriots are flying the Australian flag (made in China) on their cars. Most of them wouldn't have even heard of Nuremberg, but to me this ultra patriotism smells of nationalism on a grand scale. I don't like it.

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Jenny said...

I think I have a different definition of "pretty" :)
Glad the anti-nausea meds. are working Joan.