Friday, January 8, 2010

Australian Bush Flies

Last night we celebrated out 44th wedding anniversary by going for a meal with my brother and sister. We went Chinese to a restaurant we have been to a few times before. Usually an indication of how good a Chinese restaurant is by observing the number of Chinese Australian patrons seated. Last night as we were seated, it was obvious that there were no Chinese people there. Oh Oh! It turned out to be excellent food and service at a very reasonable price. Better still, my bro and sis paid for the meal!

The fly season here in Western Australia. The flies are much worse than in previous years and that is put down to the lack of Spring Dung Beatles. The government needed to shell out $700,000 to import them from Spain. The Minister for flies reckons that they are not a good deal and didn't get them in time for spring. Hope he tries to have a BBQ at his place with lots of guests. Check out Dung Beetles here.

Some facts about Australian Bush Flies..

*They have small but smart brains.
*They wait until the victim has both hands full carrying things before heading up a nostril.
*Only farmers and politicians on TV can ignore them.
*Only old ex-farmers can catch them in their hands.
*The new breed of fly doesn't go for flypaper strips.
*Amateur fishermen stab themselves when attacked by flies when filleting fish down the back yard. ( I made that 'fact' up)

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