Thursday, January 7, 2010

Married 44 good years

It is 44 years ago today that Joan and I were married. We are hoping to be able to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

I have been given the task of giving Joan a daily injection of Clexane which is supposed to fight the blood clots in her lungs. Fortunately the needle is very fine, probably a third of a millimetre in diameter. It is administered subcutaneously in the stomach. Unfortunately though it makes Joan prone to bruising and the area where I inject is black with bruising.

I have injected myself before. Once in Papua New Guinea I had to give myself a course of injections of Procaine Penicillin. PC is quite viscous and needs a large diameter needle which as I remember, was around 2.5mm in diameter. Ouch!!

My sister is up in Fremantle from her home in Esperance. She is staying at our brother Graham's house this time and we are all going out for a Chinese meal tonight.


Robert@PNG said...


A short comment to say that I have been reading all of your recent posts re Joan's illness. Wishing you both a heap of love and strength for what must be a challenging time at many levels.

Your blogging mate,


Kev said...


Thanks for your kind words and thoughts.