Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dutchman's Pipe creeper

This morning early I was out watering the garden and had a rethink about the 'Dutchman's Pipe' (Aristolochia spp) creeper near my vegie garden. I know that it is a killer plant, it nearly strangled a nearby Bauhinia tree ( I should have let it have its way on that one) before I untangled its stranglehold on the tree.
The flower is very attractive and resembles a smoking pipe (you remember them don't you?). It is very attractive to butterflies especially the Queensland Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. The Birdwing lays its eggs on the creeper and the larvae are poisoned by the toxic plant.

So, I reckon it has to go. Some pics....

A couple of days ago I had a call from a friend who went through Teachers' College with me in 1961. He is teaching English as a foreign language in Vietnam. I don't know why, because he is financially secure with a large riverside house here in Perth. We had an hour long conversation which ended fairly suddenly when he started telling me about the aliens. These aliens aren't the people who front up to Australia's shores on a boat; these aliens are from another planet. He told me that they have caused all the recent wars, also brought about the recent financial crisis and have control over Barack Obama. We wouldn't recognise them amongst us, but they control everything.

In 2012 they will invade the earth and take control. They will be benevolent and will not harm us, but fix everything. Everyone will have wealth and happiness.

He is in Aus. for a month and I have agreed to meet for a pub lunch and a few drinks. I agreed to this before the aliens were mentioned. He is an intelligent man.

I was reminded of his mistrust of the Rosicrucians even back in 1961. They were trying to control the world's economies. The Rosicrucians, along with the Masons et al come in for a fair bit of muck from the conspiracy theorists, who by and large, seem to be rednecks.

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Sheridan said...


My name is sheridan and i am a florist here in Perth. This might be a very strange comment - but I'm looking for a dutchmans pipe, and is yours flowering at the moment?
I'm looking for some flower cuttings - i am willing to pay! the cuttings are needed for a photoshoot this coming friday.
many thanks!
sheridan 0405 204 148