Monday, January 11, 2010

The Proposition

Last night I watched an Australian movie on ABC1. Brilliant! It is named The Proposition. Set in the Australian outback in the 1880s. It is a real shocker!

Lifted from TripleJ Film reviews is this excerpt....." It is filled with uncompromising violence, compromised morals and an unflinching look at the racism and class exploitation - the horror - Australia was founded on. There is no romance here.

Movies don't come much better than this.

5 stars."

Get it out and be entertained; horrified, shocked or drained (strike out that which does not apply).

Today I had a visit from a welfare person and a young (16yo) Aboriginal girl who came to collect a lapbook to help her in her new venture as an Aboriginal artist. Her parents haven't talked with her for several years, she has a (lovely) eight month old baby and welfare are securing accommodation for her. Despite those difficulties she is bright and outgoing. A couple of years ago she found that she had painting skills and has been encouraged to combine them with traditional ideas in contemporary paintings. She has sold quite a few to prominent people.

The machine I gave her is a bit slow, but she was obviously over the moon about getting it. She gave me a couple of her miniatures as a gift.

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