Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bali the good

Even though we were ripped off by customs there is a lot about Bali that is good. We have done most of the sightseeing before, so this time we stayed around Sanur.

We went to Kuta for about an hour and that was enough. The place is very busy and most of the shops there are for wealthy tourists. In Kuta we also got pestered by some time-share scammers. The scam starts out with a lovely young Balinese girl asking if you would mind doing a short survey to help tourism. In the list of answers is your name and hotel. I could see this one coming....a phone call that evening to tell us that we had won and needed to go to a short meeting to collect. The other one is along the same lines, with a scratchy card showing good prizes also collected at a one-hour talkfest. Needless to say we did not go to collect our prizes.

Our hotel was great. Breakfast on the beach, fully serviced with endless coffee/tea refills @ about $A3.50. Every evening there was a four piece ensemble playing popular western songs. We have stayed there four times now. The gardens are lush and there are plenty of birds, frogs, lizards and squirrels. At first I assumed that the squirrels had been introduced when the Dutch were still there, but after help from Mr Google it seems there are Asian squirrels. I wonder how their instincts work when there is no winter to squirrel away food.

The food is OK, but I reckon we are fortunate to have a great variety of restaurants and cafes in W.A. which provide as good or better food than Bali.

Transport is cheap and there is the amazing calmness of Bali drivers. Thousands of motorcycles, cars and trucks heeding none of the traffic rules with absolutely no road rage. It would be wonderful if every Australian driver could witness that. The horn is used only when overtaking. Why are we such angry and ignorant drivers? On the country roads dogs casually move off the road as trucks etc come along. It is not a big problem if a dog is killed, but a cat is another matter. Our driver told us that he had killed a cat and immediately went to make an offering at a Temple. To not do so invites years of ongoing woes.

Interesting LPG tanker in Bali:

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