Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Los Angeles Adventures

We are still thinking about Singapore Airport and how great it is for the transit passenger. LAX was a little different. Customs officers didn't fleece us like Bali, but the immigration people were a tad unfriendly.

We picked up our car - you get a free shuttle bus from the terminal to your hire company. We are with Dollar and we can highly recommend it. So far we have had two cars. The first was a Chrysler Sebring - very nice. The second car is a Dodge - not quite as luxurious.

Why two cars you ask?

We got lost in the Venice Beach area, and decided to pull into a carpark to set up the satnav we also hired. Wrong decision!! Going in the Exit resulted in the destruction of three tires, when we ran over the security spikes. Fortunately we had bought a mobile phone earlier and rang the hire company. They dispatched a man with a new car and spare wheels for the Chrysler and we were on our way. Still took 90 minutes to sort though very little paper work.

The mobile phone is a godsend. Because of this we had no chance of reaching Hearst Castle , but I manged to ring and rebook. Cost us $7.

We are spending the night in Cambria which is 8 miles from Hearst Castle. We are doing the 9am tour and will then be on our way again. We will stop tomorrow night as soon as we get tired - we are a bit worn out tonight by our adventures.


Paul said...

Three tyres? Why not four? Were you in a sideways skid? Paul.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made a flambouyant entry to the Venice beach area. Lets show them what us aussies can do!!!!
Best regards and safe travel
Marg & Had