Monday, July 23, 2007

Money, Money, Money...

I have lots of photos from yesterday's event; the wedding of Bruce, our nephew, to Tamara. I will post some at a later date.

The wedding invitation told us to be there by 6.30pm. As we arrived at the estate our car was taken over by Valet Parking and we were shown where the temporary toilets were. Kenny would be proud of these dunnies! They were as good or better than any regular toilets, even having artwork on the walls and carpets on the floors.

The house is Tamara's folks' place. They have river frontage to the Willamette River and have their own landing and a huge houseboat on station below the gardens. The bride was brought up the river on their launch and a float plane was doing spectacular take-offs on the stretch in front of the house. That plane took the married couple further up stream at 5am the next morning where they are now recuperating at a five-star riverfront hotel.

The newlyweds will take off on their honeymoon in a couple of days, firstly landing in Britain, then Paris and then off to the Seychelles for a couple of weeks. They have a largish yacht and crew to look after them on a private cruise.

The wedding was a bit speckie with the pathway for the bride covered with white rose petals.

Much drinking and socialising before and after the ceremony. Three photographers and a few video cameramen recorded the event with Kev and other guests snapping pics of the happy couple.

We enjoyed a very nice meal and conversation with other guests. At midnight we decided to leave, forgoing the fireworks which were scheduled for 12.30am. Kev was a little bit over the limit, but made it home without any strife from the Sheriff.

Today Jennifer drove us to the Evergreen Air Museum, about an hour away. The museum's main attraction is the Spruce Goose built by Howard Hughes.... still the largest floatplane to fly. The museum has a wonderful collection of aircraft and I took loads of pics.

The oysters mentioned in yesterday's posting were great. I did them in the half shell with bacon chips, tomato, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice under the oven grill.

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