Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Los Angeles Monday

From Sacramento we continued south through the Sacramento and San Jaoquin valleys - all farming country and flat as a billiard table. Off the freeway at Fresno, but downtown was deserted on a Saturday afternoon. Even the Tourist Information Centre had closed 45 minutes before we arrived! Took pictures of the heritage water tower building, then back to the freeway. The freeways in this part of California have masses of flowering oleanders down the median strip - most attractive.

We spent Saturday and Sunday night in Visalia. We looked up the phone book in search of some distant relatives who we thought lived there and found two people. Neither answered their phone so on Sunday morning we went driving and found someone home at the second address. And they WERE relatives. We stayed for about an hour. Steve and Linda Lee-Thomas are making a trip to Australia in February, including Perth so we will make plans to catch up again then.

This morning to LA. Farming country, then bare mountains to the city. Freeways get more scary the closer you get to the really big cities. We are so glad we have the navman!

Tomorrow we are going on a LA bus tour, then Wednesday we are planning a visit to the Zoo before we return the car and catch the plane. We lose a day, and will be in Perth Friday afternoon. Really looking forward to it.

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