Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Portland Monday

Today, our host Jennifer, took us to Portland to get a feel for that city and visit the International Experimental Rose Garden along with the Japanese Garden nearby. Portland is a nice looking city, not with skyscrapers, but many nice renovated buildings and facilities.

The Rose Garden has approximately 7000 rose varieties. Not being a rose person (having been attacked by roses when pruning them) I was surprised that I found the gardens so interesting. Joan and Jennifer were showing off [not true! Joan] their knowledge of names and types of roses. I trailed along.

Above the Rose Gardens is the Japanese Garden which is truly magnificent. Nestled on a steep hill amongst the native timber and dense undergrowth is 5.5 acres of beautifully crafted gardens, water features and walkways. There are a couple of the traditional raked sand gardens and although there were quite a few visitors, there was a very tranquil atmosphere. A great place to visit!

On the way back I was able to buy a small oilstone at a hardware store to repair a knife that I had broken the tip off when shucking oysters. The knife is now back to its original shape. We had lunch at a very smart pizza bar. Jennifer was non-plussed that we didn't order a salad to eat before the pizza. We like salad, but prefer it with the food rather than before food.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "keeping us up to date "blogs we appreciate the info.You seem to be having an interesting time. The best thing is that you are both having a well deserved break . We are still getting over the flue, 6 days in bed!!! Safe travelling Marg & had