Sunday, July 22, 2007

One down, one to go.

Yesterday evening we attended the barn bash. It was held in a large traditional barn with a bar, stage and table area. Australian beers and wines were offered in copious quantities and there were even a couple of kangaroos present. The kangaroos were 'joeys' brought along by their breeders to give the show an Aus flavour. No one mentioned roo shooting or roo steaks.

The food was sort of pies, prawns and lamb. Dessert was Pavlova.

Kev took quite a lot of pics. We don't know when the party ended, but at 10.30pm people were getting well and truly oiled up.

As is usual with weddings, there has been a bit of stress between the groom and family members. An Australian couple who have known Bruce all his life felt neglected when he seemingly ignored them . They did spend a lot of money getting to Colorado and then Oregon and felt that Bruce should have given them a bit more of his time. Tonight is the wedding.

This morning, although I was/am a little hung over, Jennifer took us to the farmers' market. The produce was well presented and of wonderful variety and quality. All the produce sold was fresh and sold by the growers. I had a double-take at an oyster stall. Large, and I mean large, oysters @ $6.00 a dozen.
Kev is going to try and do Oysters Kilpatrick for lunch. I just have to shuck them first.

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