Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday in Oregon

I decided to stay home today and not go to museums and quilting/fabric stores. I wheeled out Jennifer's push lawnmower and made an adjustment to the blades and mowed the lawns. She has an aversion to motorised mowers and I can see that her mower is very quiet and also an exercise machine. I was buggered after that little task.

Joan and Jennifer visited a wide range of craft/fabric stores and arrived home at around 5 pm. I had cooked a curry after buying some stewing steak at the local. I also bought a Patak's Madras Curry Paste. I followed the recipe on the bottle of paste and now suggest that the quantities of paste to meat are not commensurate with Australian/American tastes. Half measure would have been good. Joan had to go and buy some yoghurt and bananas to tone down the heat.

Tomorrow is the last day we are spending with our host and she is taking us up to the Columbia River to view Mt Hood and the waterfalls. Early Thursday we head off back to LA on the inland route. The trip back will take us near the Californian town of Visalia where a brother of my grandfather took up residence after the first world war. His family still lives there and we think we will make an un-announced visit. Should be interesting.

When I walked up to the local supermarket to buy meat and curry paste, I also bought a six-pack of a boutique Oregan beer for $4.99 with 5c back on each bottle. I could live here!

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