Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mountain drive

We were driven by Jennifer up to Mt Hood which is still showing snow.

The first stop was Latouselle Falls then on to Castle Rock and then to the most spectacular Multnomah Falls...over 500' fall ( the second highest in the U.S.).

In the same general area is a massive fish hatchery for salmon and trout. At the same site is the Bonneville Dam built as a Public Works project during the great depression. It is is a hydro-electric rather than water supply dam.

At the fish hatchery there is a pond with several Sturgeon fish. They are massive..probably up to nine feet long and looking like a cross between a Whale Shark and a Dolphin. They are pre-historic and certainly look like it.

After Bonneville we drove further up the Hood River to Mt Hood. The drive back to Lake Oswego took us through more spectacular forest country and, as we approached Portland/Lake Oswego, through market gardens and eventually the city.

We bought fruit and vegetables at a farm market stall, chicken and wine and have enjoyed a wonderful meal out in the evening sunset.

Tomorrow we start back on our drive to LA. We are planning on visiting Crater Lake tomorrow, then spending the night in Klamath Falls.

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