Saturday, July 7, 2007

flight delayed

Our flight back to Perh has been delayed by four hours. Good thing that we are flying 'executive' as we have access to a very nice lounge with drinks, food, comfortable lounge chairs and toilet facilities.

We thought that we had had the last bad experience with Indonesian Customs Officers...but not so. As our baggage went over the X-Ray machine we were taken aside and told to open the bag because there was alcohol inside. We had a half bottle of vodka. The 'man' siezed the vodka explaining that half bottles were not allowed. He placed the bottle under a desk and no doubt will pour it down the drain at some later date...via his kidneys. Bastards! Crap like we have experienced this trip is enough to put tourists off..they don't need a bomb to do that!

The school installation didn't go very well. We managed to get four computers up and running with two printers. Hardly enough for a computer lab. The teachers were in love with the iMac and the digital camera and very impressed by the older Mac laptop we took. For all our efforts and expenditure there was little thanks.

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