Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Day four Bali

We have been to the Catur school and been quite disappointed that the wiring we did last time (almost three years ago) has been removed and cannibalised. There is only one power outlet in the computer room which is a new room.

Six of the oldest computers have died..we have no idea why. So now we have only five working computers and we have been out today buying electrical cabling and plugs and sockets to set up the room again.

We took one iMac G3, a couple of printers and an older Mac laptop, printer inks and refill kits and a new digital camera. The teachers were fascinated by the digital camera and in no time were printing off their own pictures. The laptop, although a bit slow, was also coveted, and the Principal carted it off to lock in the office.

Toilet facilities at the school do not need describing... put you off your lunch. It did us.

We are going back Friday to do a last effort at getting a small lab up with printing paper, plastic bags for covers and spray and wipe to clean off the grime on everything. We don't know at the moment how many printers we can get going.

It is sad that there are very few tourists here at the moment and hotels, businesses and transport drivers are bleeding.

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