Saturday, July 21, 2007


Jennifer is treating us royally and this morning took us to check out a couple of huge stores. One named Home Depot was a huge Bunnings type store with much much more stuff for hardware freaks like me. The other store is named CostCo, a huge (again) store where you buy a membership for one year and get great discounts on bulk buys of almost anything. It was originally aimed at small retailers, but the public swarms in to buy up big. The shopping trolleys are about double the size of a normal supermarket trolley.

We went to a large shoe store and purchased some shoes for today's pre-wedding 'Barn Bash'. We cruised past the Barn to check it out before heading there around 6pm this evening. It is on a rural property very close to Jennifer's house and the owners don't seem to be of the peasant- class. The wedding tomorrow is at the in-laws' house in a very upmarket area just a bit further away from Jennifer's place. We are going to drive to both events.

Portland is a delightful city. Trees are very big here...both in size and quantity. Squirrels and birds of many breed abound. We could live here!

Sorry if I labour a point, but American drivers make West Australian drivers seem like crazy, angry and inconsiderate people.

I have just been told to stop writing and go for a drive.

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