Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Joan is writing this blog.

Kevin has now realised just how nice his workshop is with all the tools, soldering irons, hot glue guns, screwdrivers etc.

He has (we have) made frequent trips to Hardy's for stuff needed to assemble a long cable with eight outlets for computer stations to be used at the school in Catur. Very difficult to communicate technical needs when no English is spoken.

We bought 5 adaptors on Sunday, took them to the school and found that they didn't work with Australian plugs. They were multi format, and while the plugs went in, they were not held securely. So on Tuesday we had to try to take them back and get credit for them on the purchase of Bali plugs and terminals. We finally succeeded in that though it took a long time and much miming.

Then there were the necessary tools. Another trip needed when the first lot purchased proved inadequate for the job.

Kevin is getting sick of fried rice and mie goreng. We are both less enthusiastic about Bintang than we were at the beginning. One more day to buy watches etc, another trip to Catur and we'll be ready to get on the plane and drink champagne again.

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Paul said...

Sounds like you'll need a holiday when you get back. Cheers, Paul.