Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Downtown/Intown LA

Yesterday we ventured into LA to do the 'Grand Tour'. The tour took all day and started off with a very nerve wracking high speed drive in 3 - 4 lane traffic at 60-70 MPH since we had to be at the pickup point at Grauman's Chinese Theatre at 9am. Our Sat Nav device is pretty good but under these curcumstances travelling in a mass of metal it only warns us what to do at .8 of a mile. So a suggesting of 'keep right' when in a left lane causes panic and sweaty hands. Fortunately LA drivers are used to cars changing lanes at high speed...I'm not! The voice on the satnav caused the only amusement on that trip by pronouncing left as 'bleft'.

Once parked in a huge multi-level parking area we joined the tour. Apply later for details.

The tour took us to the highlights of LA. We didn't intend to take the second tour of the Celebs' houses, but somehow we paid for it so went along for the ride. That tour finished at 6pm and that put us back in peak hour traffic again. The navsat chucked a hissy fit and wouldn't talk to us.....probably because it heard me laughing at the mis-pronunciation of left. So we headed off in the direction that Joan thought was right and after about 20 minutes it started to talk to us again. And we were on the right road.

Today we book out of the motel and head back into LA to look at a couple of things we thought needed extra time at. One is the 'Tar Pit', a large pit of tar in the middle of LA. Since the 1940s archeologists have found many prehistoric animals including mammoths. Then we drop off the car and get on the plane to Singapore at 9.15pm. We should be landing in Perth about 3pm Friday, having lost one day.

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