Friday, August 31, 2007


My chilli sauce was going quite nicely last night as we settled down to a bottle of bubbly and TV. The plan was to simmer it for a while to reduce and thicken the sauce. Well, I guess you know what happened 'caught' and burnt on the saucepan. Today I went and bought more chillies and this time pumpkin for thickening and colour. This lot turned out very well indeed...proud of myself! I now have to design some labels for the bottles.

Martin our son, is on the job trail again and I looked in the Quokka (a local free-ad paper), for a cheap car. There was one advertised quite close to us here and I went to look at it. The asking price is $800, but it is two days off running out of registration and the owner says that it has a problem with the auto transmission. I drove it and it functioned well. It has done only 88,000 kilometres and was owned by her grandmother. I am tempted to buy it, but if a gearbox repair is necessary later, the cost would be around $2,000. We have had lots of bad luck (or bad judgement) with our son's cars.

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