Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We have now downloaded all the photos we took, though I think there may be some on the CDs that Kevin made at Jennifer's which haven't been loaded on to our computer. The question now is what to do with them all.

Kevin spent some time today with Photoshop and the photos that he took at the Barn Bash the night before the wedding. The lighting was really bad, but he has managed to adjust most of them so that the people are not only recognisable but also look good. He is planning to make some CDs of this and also the wedding to send to the bridal couple and their parents.

But what to do with all the others? We might put them on Flikr. Or, since I wrote a pen and paper diary every night, I may set up another blog and chronicle the whole US adventure with heaps of photos.

By the end of the trip my three year old digital camera was starting to play up. It no longer turned itself off, and I was getting rather too many pics of pavements and blank walls. I had been frustrated often as well with the length of time it took to process each photo. We timed it at 10 seconds this morning - no wonder I lost lots of photo opportunities.

We got a Hardly Normal (Harvey Norman) catalogue in the junk mail over the weekend which advertised some cheap digital cameras, so we went today to look at them. Ten minutes later we had bought a little Nikon CoolPix half the weight of the Canon with a much bigger viewing screen, 6 megapixels, digital and optical zoom and a host of features that will take me months to get really familiar with, all for less than $200. And the processing time is less than 2 seconds!

It went with us today to a gathering to celebrate the 71st birthday of a friend. We haven't yet downloaded the pictures to be able to comment on quality, but watch this space.

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