Friday, August 24, 2007

a week in Bali

Friends are off to Bali tomorrow for a week. They go about three times a year and love the place. There are other places to visit for around the same money and I wonder why they don't do at least one trip to, say, Singapore. I guess they have been going for so long and so often that the familiarity of the place and the people are important. I just talked to Haddon and he is quite sick with a heavy cold. Great start to their hols.

I collected 12 donated computers from a store room and have reconfigured seven of them with educational software and some games. As soon as I hear that the Fawcett Foundation will help with space in their shipping container, I will change the Australian power plugs to Indonesian plugs and start collecting boxes and shredded paper for packing.

The murder of Mrs Corryn Rayney and discovery of her body buried in a deep grave in Perth's Kings Park is still unsolved. Police discovered her grave by the most fortuitous set of circumstances. Her car was driven to Kings Park and up a track where the body was offloaded and buried. Fortunately, for the police, the murderer ran over a bollard in the track and damaged the gearbox causing an oil leak. When the car was found in a nearby suburb they noticed the oil trail and tracked it back to the grave. Unlucky killer! There are the usual armchair detectives pointing to her husband, her sister and probably the archbishop of Perth.
I reckon the whole thing will be solved within a week.

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