Monday, August 13, 2007

Helen's house hunt

Our daughter Helen teaches at Banksia Park PS in Leeming. She loves it there and is hoping to retain her position there next year. The Western Australian Education Department has suddenly become Mr Nice Guy about postings because of a teacher shortage. If she works two full years at a school, then she will be granted permanent status and remain at that school. The Principal has told her that they want her there next year and it looks like she will get tenure.

On Sunday we looked at a house for sale quite close to our place. Helen is ready to move from her two bedroom unit in East Victoria Park into a house and today she went to look at the house we had seen over the weekend. She is sold on it. Just 7 years old in a nice area with nothing to do, she will probably make an offer tomorrow. She owns her unit and should be able to sell it for around $290,000. This house is on the market for $469,000, but the agent tells us that $465,000 will probably get it. Then of course the state government wants its slice of the action with stamp taxes probably in the $19,000 range. We will most likely help with that part of the purchase, if it goes through. Houses in this state are sold at a premium with timber/weatherboard places selling for more than this double brick 3X2. Hope she makes the leap.

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