Sunday, August 5, 2007

Home sweet home

It doesn't matter how good the trip was ... there is no place like home.

We were met at the Perth International Airport by my brother Graham and driven home. Had a few drinks with him and slept in our own bed with an electric blanket smoothing out the cool weather. The last two days have been like summer, but whilst we were away there has been heavy rainfall and more is promised this week. That should do some good for the water supply dams.

Yesterday I had a phone call from an African chap I had helped out by giving him an iMac and a multi-purpose printer/scanner/copier. I at first thought that something had gone wrong with either the computer or the printer, but he merely rang to thank me again for setting him up with a computer. Nice! He along with his wife and child have been in W.A. for about a year. The child, a girl, attends school and the parents are both employed as carers for disabled children at Rocky Bay Village.

Joan says: I have finished the washing - the ironing is still waiting - and have adjusted to being home again. I do like our own bed and bathroom, and especially the plumbing. Every motel we stayed in while we were away seemed to have a different system for toilet flushing and showers. It's just as well Kevin is mechanically minded. I always made him take the first shower!

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