Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aches and Pains

We both have them today.

Kevin's are because he spread half a trailer load of compost (kindly donated by Dave next door) and also did some other work for a friend in South Fremantle which involved a lot of squatting and bending.

Mine are due to two things as well. Firstly a water aerobics class that was full on - and I have only been to one other since we got back from the US, so I am out of practice. Second was a mammogram. I got the letter yesterday that I was due for the checkup that happens every two years, rang to make an appointment and got in today. This is something that is better to get over and done with, rather than think about it.

The procedure was as horrible as usual. Though the radiographer did the best she could, there is no way to make it easy. I have a bruise just below my right shoulder where the edge of the frame dug in. However, if it leads to early detection of cancer or better still, provides reassurance that there is no problem, it is worth it. And we Australian women of a certain age are so lucky that the checkup is free.

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