Friday, August 17, 2007

House hunt still on

Our daughter Helen's offer to buy was not accepted and she has decided to wait and see if the owners come back to her. I don't think they will as it is a very nice house in a newish suburb with what look like nice neighbors. I think they will stick with their initial sale price for a few weeks at least

She is agonising over shifting from Victoria Park which is a very trendy suburb with lots of pubs, restaurants and a 'village' feel to it to St Pauls estate which has the 'settle down' feel to it. There may be a bit of the 'settled' fear showing. She is going to look at more houses over the weekend. The current stock market and house finance scare may also have influenced her.

A couple of days ago I was offered a contract to write a course for the School of Isolated Education..Distance Ed. It sounds interesting, but I have been retired for 9 years and don't think I want to re-learn stuff that I have long forgotten. I will look at it when I get the details.

In a couple of weeks we; Helen, Martin, brother Graham and I are going to the Steely Dan concert at the Sandalford Vineyard. As usual, the main attraction comes on late in the evening.
I am getting a bit old for this stuff, but being a serious fan of the band I cannot miss the show. It is to be an outdoor concert and it is one that will go ahead regardless of the weather. Hope it doesn't rain.

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