Friday, August 3, 2007

Singapore Airport 5.20am

We have just had a 16 hour flight to Singapore from LAX. There was hardly a bump and Joan read and slept for most of it. I didn't manage any sleep as I had a bad pain in my right leg. Even though we are here for another four hours and the flight to Perth is five hours, we feel that we are just about home.

Yesterday we left the motel at Pasadena and made a less stressful trip into LA proper. That last motel was by far the best we had used and was only $15 a day more than the cheapest one. Most of the motels were poorly maintained with plumbing or electrical problems. The Indians (of the sub continent variety) seem to have captured the cheap motel business.

The day before, we had a passing look at a couple of LA attractions as we drove past them on the bus tour and decided to spend a few hours before heading to the airport taking a close look at them. The first was the Petersen Motor Museum and this is a wonderfully presented museum. Best we have seen! Next was on to the Tar Pit. This museum and actual dig was amazing! Right in the centre of LA is this ongoing excavation of thousands of fossils of animals, birds and insects trapped in the tar floating on the water, some over 40,000 years ago. There are complete skeletons of Mammoths, wild horses, Sabre Tooth Cats (they are cats not tigers) dogs, wolves, birds and insects. There was a continuing dig which the public could watch. A paleontologist's dream: to work in the city!

We returned the hire car and caught a free shuttle to the airport. LAX is chaotic. Nuff said. At the Singapore counter we were told that we were separated, Joan did a bit of grumbling and they found us two seats in the 'emergency' seating area. They are the ones near the emergency exits and we got a lesson on how to open the door in any emergency. As it happened I didn't get the opportunity.

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