Friday, August 10, 2007


I am a bit elephant's trunk at the is, after all, Friday.

The email I sent to the manufacturers of the carving machine replied advising me that they do not ship to, or support their machine in Australia. There is a woodworkers' expo at the Showgrounds over the weekend and I will go and see if someone has imported one of the CompuCarver machines and has it on show. The entry fee is a bit steep at $17 for oldies...guess it is worth it?

Today I drove to Banksia Park Primary School to swap cars with my daughter to try and solve a problem with her car. Her car was 'missing' under load and I guessed it might be spark plug leads. I don't have a good multimeter and so I drove her car out to cousin Ted's place in Willetton where we tested the spark plug leads and found that one lead was dead. I bought a new set of leads and all is well. She (our daughter) is off to Wedge Island for the weekend with a newly acquired boyfriend. She rang just before she was due to be picked up for her weekend and left details of the new beau. There was a little apprehension about spending a weekend with someone she didn't really know too well. Smart gal!

I will talk with our son tomorrow and see if he is ready to start looking for a job. Yesterday I went and looked at a car for sale in Willetton. It is a 1987 Corona with a lot of kilometers on the clock but not in bad condition. They want $900 dollars ONO which means $750 I reckon. Our son has an appalling track record of car maintenance. Almost all of the cars we have bought him have cost us double the purchase price in repairs and maintenance because he neglects his vehicles.

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