Saturday, August 18, 2007

A 21st party

Our neighbors, Judy and Dave, have three kids. I have mentioned them before. They are excruciatingly nice! We are fortunate to have neighbors like them. One of them, the middle one, is having a 21st party tonight. He has warned the cul-de-sac that there is to be a gathering and we have suggested that the kids use our driveway for parking, leaving their own lawn for others.

Today our automatic garage door broke one of the cables. We have manually forced the door up and hope that our open garage doesn't attract villains. I will get new cables on Monday and fit them. Cul-de-sacs are fairly nice places to have a house. No passing hoons making black tyre-marks on the roadway . . . they are however, a problem for party parking.

I think tonight might be one where we drink a fair bit and sleep through the party noise. I reckon I can do that.

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