Saturday, August 25, 2007

The good and not so good

Today we drove to Sawyers Valley in the hills above Perth. A fellow up there had emailed me offering a late model iMac for $50???? I have been donated stuff from him in the past. When we arrived at his place in a bush setting, I asked why did he not advertise the computer and get at least seven times what he was asking. His simple answer was that he hates selling things and didn't want people coming up from the city making a noise in his area and haggling over price.

He is a retired psychologist who migrated to W.A. from the U.S. in 1967. I will write him a nice letter of thanks with some money to buy himself a bottle of decent wine. Still can't believe that he 'gave' it to me for $50!

Joan had a mammogram on Tuesday and everything looked OK. Yesterday she received a phone call informing her that there was a dense area which needed further investigation. Not good! She is to go to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital on Tuesday for what looks like being a a day's investigation. She has been informed that they will make a definite diagnosis before she leaves the hospital. I will drop her off in the morning and collect her when all is done. We both hope it is not a serious problem and the nurse who rang stressed that it was not a 'lump'.

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