Thursday, August 9, 2007


Each time we visit the U.S. we usually see something that Kev thinks would be a 'goer' here. It sounds like we visit every year; in fact we have been there only three times. This trip I didn't see any new-fangled machines or schemes that would go well here. However just today I received a newsletter from Sears (I don't know how I subscribed to the Sears newsletter?) featuring a wonderful computer-controlled wood carving machine at a price of US$1800. See it here.

This machine could be just the thing for our son to start a home business producing detailed carved plaques and nameplates for houses and farms etc. From the promotional video and the many postings of internet forums for the machine, it seems to be a great little machine.

I have emailed the firm asking if they market their machine in Aus or even ship to Australia. Two thousand bucks is not a lot to spend to get our son into something that he, with my assistance, could run. There again, I have had lots of schemes that I have not followed through on.

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