Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday and a confession

Our daughter Helen has overnight thought long and hard about buying a house and this evening she has made the decision...buy!! One of the worrying things for her is her employment tenure. If she doesn't get tenure at her current school she may not be able to meet her mortgage repayments of $350.00 a week. She is confident that she will be teaching next year and even if things went badly she has two qualifications to fall back on . . . Education and Business. Even without tenure there are plenty of relief jobs in teaching and those jobs don't require lesson preparation. The teacher being relieved is obliged to provide adequate lesson planning.

We are about to have Aussie tucker for dinner tonight...steak, carrots, silver beet and spuds. As preparations commenced it was found that we had no potatoes. Kev volunteered to nip over to IGA in Coolbellup to buy some. Here comes the confession part; I went to the store in Ugg Boots! I don't normally venture outdoors in Uggies. It is, however, OK to shop in Ugg Boots in Coolbellup... popular footware over there! Sorry Had and Marg.

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