Sunday, August 12, 2007

PC problem

Yesterday I collected a Windows PC from my son. He had borrowed it from a friend and on returning it it would not get up and go. 'Fix it', he was told, so Dad decided to have a look inside.

I know the inside of Macs well and PCs are basically the same, so I opened the case and had a fiddle with connections etc to no avail. The computer would start and the hard drive would run, but no screen. I decided to cart it over to a PC/Mac Guru's house to see what he thought. As soon as he set it up it ran fine. Damn! On restart it didn't want to show a screen. Eventually he went to Goggle and found the codes for the start-up beeps that were sounding....there it was; three beeps indicated that the RAM was either faulty or needed re-seating in its slots. Fixed!

Also yesterday, brother Graham and I did a little bit of house hunting for our daughter. She wants to upgrade from her two-bedroom unit to a house. The bank has set a limit on the amount she can borrow and we were looking at places around the $420,000+ price. Not much at that price in a reasonable suburb. We did see a house in the suburb of Parkwood, but the opening time was later in the day so didn't get to look inside. Parkwood is not considered to be a great suburb and this house is opposite a park and the last dwelling in the street adjacent to bushland.....ideal for villains to jump the fence at night. Parkland can also gather drinkers and youths on weekends. The older I get, the less democracy I wish to afford youth.

We might go back today and take another look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kev,
Good pictures but the waterfall is Multnomah Falls. Latourelle (no "s") was the first one, not shown here, and the Sturgeon were at the fish hatchery at Bonneville Dam.
Always happy to make corrections :) Gotta get the facts right :)
I'm going to have to make a trip to Eureka - that house is just too wild!

Kev said...

Ouch! Got a bit confused with the whirlwind tours you took us on.Don't think anyone but you will Know...until now!