Monday, August 27, 2007

We have just delivered our Hyundai Sonata to the dealer for a warranty repair. The seatbelt warning signal is malfunctioning and the warning buzzer continues to sound even when the driver is belted up. Warranty repairs are always a worry for me....are they going to tell me that 'that wasn't covered under section 43/4 of the warranty agreement'. We'll find out later today.

I googled Sonata seatbelt warning and found a forum where someone in the U.S. was asking how to turn off the seatbelt warning. He got a nasty reply suggesting he was an idiot and a moron and should be wearing his belt. In Western Australia it is illegal to not wear your seat belt fastened and upon reading the message again it seems that the person posting the question was indeed trying to disable the warning so that he could drive without a seatbelt. Having been in a major car crash and being thrown through the windscreen (before seat belts were even fitted to cars) I know we would have done far less damage to ourselves had we been wearing belts.

One of our kitchen cabinets looks darkly at me when I have a few glasses of wine. I can't image what it would look like if I were using mind-altering substances.

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