Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ex students

I had three contacts with ex-students today...amazing! Two were through the internet. Facebook has certainly taken off and I have had four 'youngies' requesting that I become their facebook friends. At 67 I think I am a little old for all that....however? The first contact was through the SchoolFriends network by a girl (now woman) I taught at Cecil Andrews' Senior High School in 1989. The second one was through FaceBook and I taught her at Willetton SHS in the 90s (?). Then this evening I had a phone call from an early 80s student from Rockingham SHS. He, Sean, did a commerce degree and is about to finish a B.Ed and enter teaching. Sean and his wife Denise have sold their house in western Sydney and are having a caravan built to their specs to travel around Aus for a couple of years getting work where they can. Sean and the family are visiting W.A. and us over Xmas.

Our daughter Helen had me take pics of her Pre-Primary class and print them to a size for making Fathers Day key-rings. She has a lovely bunch of kids and they love their Ms Lock.

Joan entered a piece in the Melville Art Awards and although she didn't win a prize, it was bought for $550. I reckon she should start making more of the same and flog 'em off. I have been told by an artist friend that real artists don't do that.

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