Monday, September 3, 2007

Fathers' Day

Our daughter Helen visited and cooked a nice 'Posh Seafood Pie' for this Dad's day. Lovely!

I am still on the used car trail for our son. It is virtually impossible to get to a workplace by public transport if it is not on a bus route or in the city. Australians love single dwellings with our backyards and this causes an urban spread for which it is difficult to provide a workable transport system. I am hoping to pay around $1,000 for a licenced, reasonable car. It can be done; there are little old church-going ladies who want to sell their cars...just got to find one.

We have a 'bring out your dead' collection next week and I have quite a few computer and printer carcasses to get rid of. Each suburb produces different quality treasures for the drive-past collectors. Our suburb is pretty new and I have seen very little in the way of old stuff on the verges. The expert collector knows his suburbs. In New York City the weekly rubbish collection is a treasure trove. The lack of landfill sites means that a walk around Greenwich Village on a nice summer's evening could almost furnish a house with pretty good stuff. We have a wonderful vintage press camera which was put out for collection in the village.

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