Friday, September 21, 2007

TV and Bubbly

Yep, I'm a TV freak...only at night time. I watch 'my show'; Temptation and pit myself against the contestants. I fear that I am falling in love with one of the hosts, Lavinia Nixon. What a doll! Channel Nine is going to drop Temptation for another Eddie McGuire (?) show. He can't replace Lavinia! On the show tonight, one of the contestants won a Wengler watch which is waterproof to 1000 metres. I am quite sure my head would implode at 100 metres.
Another TV show I have flipped over to and really gets up my nose is 'Australia's Funniest Home Videos' presented by some blonde sheila and a lot of the vids are from the U.S.....not Aus. The programme almost always shows people damaging themselves seriously and the audience laughs themselves stupid at the unfortunate star who probably needs follow-up surgery and therapy.

Another show on TV here is New Zealand Highway Patrol. Well, if you ever thought our cops were a bit dumb, you should take a look at this show. Last night a car was pulled over and the driver didn't have a valid licence and his car was out of licence. He was given a hefty fine and told to drive straight home???? We are off to NZ in the next couple of weeks. I shall report back. NZ police have been in the spotlight for their very poor performance on a murder case this week. Methinks they couldn't find warts on a frog.

The bubbly part of this story is of a local discount deal on, dare I call it..Champagne. Hardy's Crest is on sale for $13.00 a bottle but two for one and if you buy 6 of them there is a further 20% off making it around $5.30 a bottle. Nice too!

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