Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An escapee

I mentioned the ‘bring out your dead’ rubbish collection of last week. I got rid of a number of computers, printers and a heap of keyboards. The truck made a sickening crashing noise as it compressed all that technology. After it departed our street I went to see how much was left on the lawn…nothing. Only today as I went out to collect the newspaper did I see a small piece of plastic. It was a key from a keyboard….the escape key!

Our daughter Helen has just left for her school’s parents' night. She has a slide show of her pupils set up to run continuously and I printed off photos of the latest class project which is the construction of space craft as a follow-up on a unit about space and space flights. These kids are pre primary and have done some great work.

Last week I dropped into Willetton SHS to visit a couple of colleagues. It did seem that there was a lot of discontent and that teachers were not happy. I loved the place when I taught there and it is sad that the vibrant staff social life no longer exists. No staff parties, no progressive dinners (very 80s), no quiz nights etc etc. I have taught at a few high schools and they seem to go through a cycle of wonderful camaraderie and after a few years end up just a work site. Pity! When I was at Rockingham Senior High the staff fell in a heap as I have described and a few of us thought of ways to revitalise the social life of the staff. I came up with an idea to farewell a sheep ship from Fremantle harbour. After all, the sheep are Australians going overseas and almost certainly not returning. I could see it all…streamers; champers, formal dress on the wharf. Everyone thought is was a great idea and we thought we could invite Channel Nine along to film it.
When I rang the Port Authority I was told that the police would lock us up if we tried such a stunt. I guess we weren’t as brave as the Chasers….they would have gone ahead and done it.

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