Friday, September 7, 2007

George Bush

Dear me, George really mucked-up today. He was addressing an Australian Business gathering in Sydney town and in front of the TV cameras made a couple of bloopers most unworthy of the President of the U.S.A. Firstly he thanked PM John Howard for being a gracious host to the OPEC meeting. He did of course realise that he had made a blunder and corrected himself with a little blush saying 'of course that is... APEC'. Next he praised our PM for recently visiting his Austrian troops in 'Eyerack'. I guess by now the clip is on You Tube and every news service around the globe will be running it on their evening news slots. Jeez, if I did something like that I would go away and hide. Let's hope he doesn't launch an attack on Austria...we could get severely damaged.

I predicted that the Corryn Rayney murder case would be solved in about a week. Bad guess! Still no suspects on the radar which seems strange as it was rumored that she had been threatened by someone and had asked friends to tell the police if anything happened to her.

It has been bucketing down today and is supposed to ease off tomorrow morning. We hope so, because we are off to the Steely Dan concert at an open-air vineyard venue. The concert is to go ahead regardless of weather conditions, so we went out today to buy ponchos. Awful things which one doesn't see in use these days. Hope we wont need them tomorrow night.

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