Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bibra Lake is a lake again

Earlier this year Bibra Lake near our home was totally dry. The doomsayers were all of a quiver. 'Climate change is here!' After the rains the lake is full and even the catchment dams are looking good. The water authority has said that there will be no need to impose further restrictions on our water usage. The lake looked good as we walked along the western edge. The bottle brush trees are in full bloom. For some strange reason the cockatoos cut the flowers off and drop them to the ground. Figure that one out?

We have purchased a WiFi card for Joan's laptop so that when we are in NZ we can tap into public networks to read mail and post to our blog. We haven't tested it yet and will probably go to a McDonalds restaurant tomorrow to see if it is working.

This afternoon we visited Joan's sister Dorothy and Mike, her husband. I have mentioned him before. He has severe dyskinesias as a result of Parkinson's disease. The surgeon will not tell them when the operation for deep brain stimulation is scheduled or even if it is scheduled, so they don't know whether it is to be this year, next year or never. I think I would be going to the radio shock-jocks or Channel 9 to get things moving. On the other hand it might well upset the man and he could be delayed past his use-by date.

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