Friday, September 14, 2007

Home alone

Joan has left me all alone. She has gone on a retreat for one of the sewing/quilting/fabric Arts groups. I confess I don't know which one. I do know that she took a lot of fabric dyes.
So, I am all alone...woo-hoo! Bring on the dancing girls! Just kiddin!

I paid for and collected, Martins car today. It has a few little quirks that need ironing out, but overall it is very good. I drove to Martin's work place to pick him up in the car and he found that he had been underpaid. He went back in to see the boss, but was told it was correct. Not good! He immediately fell into a dark mood and I could see depression written on his face. When I gave him the car keys he barely thanked me. About an hour later I rang his mobile to check on him and his boss had rung and apologised for underpaying him and all was well again. I even got a sincere thank you for the car. Whew! He also had a better day at work. Things will improve over the next week when he gets a handle on the computer programs and machinery at work.

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