Monday, September 17, 2007


ASOPA was the former Australian School of Pacific Administration and trained Teachers and Patrol Officers to serve in Australia's territories; mainly Papua New Guinea. Today I discovered that their newsletter mentions our family blog in quite glowing terms. The ASOPA site is also a very interesting read.

I had to visit Martin's workplace to get him to sign the vehicle licence transfer form for his new car. He didn't seem too good. Last week I filled some prescriptions for him and one was overdue. The pharmacist gave me an advance on that prescription, so today I attempted to get the GP to write a script for the already dispensed drugs. He wouldn't do it without a consultation. The GP doesn't work past 4pm and doesn't do weekend surgeries. I explained that Martin has just started a job and can't expect to take time off. Still no bending. I returned to the pharmacist and he told me that many GPs write a script and leave it at the desk for collection. He may have to go to another GP after hours and get a new script for the exact medication.

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