Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Update: Car hasn't been found yet. My new Betacord VCR is playing up.

I am going to give up chasing the guy who is selling the car. It is so frustrating to hear that I can see it and then some excuse is made why it will have to be tomorrow.
Fortunately my eBay purchase of a Betacord VCR was made locally and I can take it back for repairs. The fellow I bought it from is a reasonable chap and we have many interests in common...vintage cars, beer brewing etc. He has already agreed to service it thoroughly.

Yesterday our daughter Helen told us of a rather nasty event with a good outcome. It seems that some ex-students of her primary school (now in Year 8) made a home movie of vandalism to schools and cars at a shopping centre and posted it on You Tube. It was a good quality flik and everyone was recognisable by staff at the primary school. They even put their names on a list of credits at the end of the clip. Police have rounded them up. Ah, the price of fame!

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