Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kev gets lost

A couple of days ago I arranged to meet an ex-student of mine over a coffee. She suggested the Dome coffee place in Ardross. Seemed easy. I arrived early and waited and waited and she didn't show up. It was bucketing down and I thought she may have had an accident. After an hour I went home. On my mail was a note from her asking where I got to. It seems that the coffee shop I thought was the Dome was sold several years ago and she was about 100 metres away at the new Dome. She rang today to say that she would visit me at home in case I got lost again. We had lots to catch up on. What we both have done over the last ten years and news of other students in her cohort. She finished a science degree at RMIT in Melbourne majoring in photography so it was a bit of the student teaching the teacher when photography was mentioned. It is strange that most of what she learned is no longer valid. Wet photography has died and digital is supreme. She, Jayd, starts a new job with the Public Trustee on Monday and is constructing a website from which she hopes to establish a photography business as a sideline. I am a pleased that such a nice gal would wish to visit me.

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